Outdoor Shelter

The solution of outdoor integrated shelter room can meet the needs of outdoor station construction on the roof, mountain area, roadside, community, and village and so on.


The solution of outdoor integrated shelter room can meet the needs of outdoor station construction on the roof, mountain area, roadside, community, and village and so on. The advantages are, such as convenient for quick installation, short period of station construction, wide range of application, not limited by geographical location and outdoor environment, saving land cost, easy to move and reuse, etc. It is an outdoor shelter room that can provide mechanical and environmental protection for internal communication equipment. It can be produced in the factory, convenient for transportation and easy for on-site installation.
The applications of the outdoor integrated shelter: mobile base station room, network access room, an area network, IP room, microwave relay station room, and small room used in other industries.
The shelter system is mainly consisted of: environmental monitoring system, power distribution system, safety management system, and communication connection system;

The shelter body:
The shelter body system is consisted of housing structure, lighting, wiring ladder, floor and the feeder cable window.
The machine room is composed of bottom frame, slot, column, crossbeam, panel, etc.
The options of the panel’s materials: pre coated color steel plate, high-strength fiberglass, etc., and core materials can be polyurethane, extruded polystyrene, ordinary polystyrene, etc. It can meet the needs of different environments through scientific combination.
The shelter types could be: movable board room, iron armor room, container room, non-metallic assembly room, etc.




Shelter structure

Wiring ladder

Lighting system




Feeder cable window

Anti-static floor


2.The parameters of the shelter
Environmental temperature: -40℃-+60℃
Relative humidity: 5%-99%
Floor load-bearing: 6kN/M
Fire-proof performance: It conforms to the requirements of class A and class B2 in GB8624-1997 classification method for combustion performance of building materials.
Protection level: IP65
Wind resistance: 45m / s strong wind (more than 12 wind)
Seismic performance: the frame module structure design can resist level 8 earthquake;
Anti corrosion performance: meet the requirements of 500 hours salt spray test;
Lightning protection performance: the shelter adopts multi-channel, multi-contact circular grounding protection;
Connection features: concealed screw design, no exposed screws inside and outside the shelter;
Door lock intelligent management: intelligent access control management system, protection level IP65;
Product life: no less than 20 years;
Thermal insulation (energy saving) performance: polyurethane thermal insulation material is used as wall filling material, with thermal conductivity of 0.02kcal/m · h ·℃

3.Introduction of the housing
The protection of the housing
The bottom frame adopts all steel structure, concealed screw design, aluminum profile as column, and stainless steel angle bars are used to cover the inside and outside to form a concealed overall frame structure.
The column is designed with concealed pull-out bolts, which can beautify the environment when improving the bearing capacity, wind resistance and seismic resistance of the room.
Customized professional outdoor steel safety door, equipped with outdoor rainproof, sand proof and anti-theft lock. The intelligent access control system can also be selected to conduct authority management and alarm monitoring of illegal door opening.
The invisible strengthening frame will be added to the safety door, to make the connection between the door and the room body is stronger.


The environmental monitoring system of the shelter
Consisting of room remote monitoring system (FSU), network management intelligent air conditioning unit and air exchange fan unit, which are built with full intelligent automatic monitoring management.
Realtime environment monitoring system:
Real time collection and control of the ambient temperature and temperature parameters of the machine room;
Real time acquisition of power supply status and safety status parameters of the machine room;

Air conditioning network monitoring management
The air conditioning function is controlled by the management of the monitoring equipment in the machine room. When the temperature in the machine room exceeds the specified temperature, the double machine rotation mode can be adopted. When the ambient temperature is too high, the double machine work at the same time. In case of city power failure, when the temperature in the machine room exceeds the specified temperature, start the air exchange fan unit to cool down.

Intelligent call recovery and self starting function.

Shelter power distribution system
Power distribution management system are composed of: power distribution box, DC power supply, battery and UPS, or optional diesel generator set or solar power supply device.\

AC power distribution Enclosure

DC power system

Battery pack

Shelter security system
The safety management system consists of lightning protection and grounding subsystem, fire protection, anti-theft, environment and other systems.
Lightning protection and grounding subsystem: including lightning protection box and grounding busbar in the machine room, providing reliable lightning protection and grounding protection for main and supporting equipment in the machine room.
Smoke sensor, temperature sensor, immersion sensor and infrared sensor are used to cooperate with the remote monitoring system of the computer room to manage the fire alarm, anti-theft alarm and immersion alarm of the computer room.





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