New technology injects new vitality into copper wire

2020-03-31 15:12:44

With the rapid development of emerging technologies,such as VDSL2, vectoring, Giga DSL etc, the traditional twisted pair has once again been rejuvenated. For example, with vectoring technology, the existing twisted pair can reach 100m in the distance of 300m, which undoubtedly provides another option for operators struggling with FTTH construction FTTB / C (we collectively call it the new copper wire solution).




Especially for the traditional copper wire access operators, there are several advantages to adopt the FTTB / FTTC / FTTH hybrid network construction mode: first, a large number of twisted pairs in the current network can continue to be used to avoid investment waste; second, there is no need to re lay optical fiber to solve the problem of entering the home, easily ready for the market and fast return; third, the impact on the existing copper wire based network management system and maintenance personnel Small, saving a lot of development, integration and training costs.

At present, the new copper solution is adopted by more and more operators, and the outdoor station, as the core point of the new copper solution, is increasingly valued by major operators.(


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