• Power Distribution CabinetREAD MORE

    The power distribution cabinet (box), lighting distribution cabinet (box), and metering cabinet (box) are the final equipment of the distribution system.
  • Battery boxREAD MORE

    The battery box is a group of batteries composed of a number of single batteries, boxes, battery management systems and related installation structures (equipment), etc.
  • Optical fiber cableREAD MORE

    Optical fiber cable is manufactured to meet the optical, mechanical, or environmental performance specifications.

    DWDM technology takes advantage of the bandwidth and low loss characteristics of single-mode fiber, uses multiple wavelengths as carriers, and allows each carrier channel to transmit in the fiber at the same time.

    CWDM is a low-cost WDM transmission technology for man access layer. In principle, CWDM uses optical multiplexer to multiplex optical signals of different wavelengths to a single optical fiber for transmission.
  • Product overviewREAD MORE

    Huijue integrated power supply can effectively solve the volume, capacity, appearance, energy consumption, settlement, monitoring, and other problems of conventional backup power supply, and provide a reliable guarantee for the stable operation of the station.
  • Optical moduleREAD MORE

    Optical module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces.
  • MPO fiber patch cordREAD MORE

    MPO fiber jumper, MPO (multi fiber pushon) connector is one of the MT series connectors.
  • Optical fiber distribution boxREAD MORE

    The optical fiber distribution box is an interface equipment used to connect the main optical cable and distribution optical cable outdoor, in the corridor, or indoor.
  • Focus on 517 Telecom dayREAD MORE

    Focus on 517 Telecom day: ICT will be the main driving force for the achievement of 2030 sustainable development goals


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